Dear Easton Foundations…


Thank you Highland Hall archers for your thank you letters!  They were very encouraging to read and made our day!   ^^

Two of our favorites…

Sebastian Lowe, 10th Grade – Archery Thank You letter

“Dear Easton Foundation, Archery has helped me find my inner warrior, your could say.  But this inner warrior is like a samurai; he has self-control, he is elegant and able to focus and bring himself into a completely different state of mind.  He is my inner peace.  Archery has taught me to have the focus of a samurai…”     READ MORE

Alyssa Spratt, 10th Grade – Archery Thank You Letter

“Dear Easton Foundation, Thank you for giving me (an the rest of the Highland Hall archery class) the opportunity to gain interest in the art of archery.  Not many schools offer this sport and few kids have the chance to fire an arrow.  I’m very grateful for having this privilege and for allowing us to experience the thrills of this game…”    READ MORE


Highland Hall Waldorf School
Northridge, CA