OAS Schools in the Press After CA State Champs


Three of our OAS schools were highlighted by their local news press after our recent CA State Championships at Glendale High School.

During the competition, a photographer from the Glendale News-Press came to catch their Glendale archery team in action.

Check out the pics here at the Glendale News-Press!

 In Fontana, Almeria and Sequoia Middle Schools were featured in a great piece by the Fontana Herald News.  Check out the video and article below!

“After watching Katniss Everdeen, the fictional star of the smash hit movie “The Hunger Games,” demonstrate her talent at shooting a bow and arrow, some young people might be starting to get intrigued by the relatively little-known sport of archery.  But students at two middle schools in Fontana are way ahead of them; the Fontanans have been hitting the bulls-eye for several years now…”



Way to go OAS schools!!!