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And The Opportunities Beyond

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There are a lot of neat opportunities for you as an archer, especially at the youth level. Archery can lead to many unique experiences that will take you around the world, introduce you to lifelong friends, or give you the thrill of competition. Through the OAS Program you will receive a solid foundation in archery technique that will prepare you for a lifelong enjoyment of the sport. From our program we hope that you will pursue other opportunities to continue growing your passion for Olympic style archery.


Programs & Links of Interest


Discover Archery


Discover more about archery. More information can be found at the Discover Archery Website.



USA Archery: Find It Here

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USA Archery: Find It Here – Looking for a local club or coach?  Check out listings from USA Archery.  More information can be found at USA Archery’s Website.



Archery 360


Lots of great information about archery provided by the Archery Trade Association (ATA).  More information can be found at the Archery 360 Website.



USA Archery


Be a member of USA Archery – USA Archery is the governing body of Olympic style archery in the U.S.  By being a member you have access to their programs and competitions.  More information about youth programs can be found at USA Archery’s Website.





Join a JOAD Club – JOAD stands for Junior Olympic Archery Development.  These clubs are found all across the nation and help get you connected with coaches, friends, and competitions.  You can find a JOAD Club near you at the JOAD Website.



USAA Collegiate Archery Program


USAA Collegiate Archery Program – Many colleges and universities offer USA Archery Collegiate Archery Programs. These programs range from clubs to varsity teams with scholarship opportunities. USA Archery can also help you start a program at your school if they do not yet have one in place. Find a college that offers archery at the Collegiate Archery Program Website



Archery Competitions

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Archery Competitions – There are many local, state, national and international archery competitions. Check with your OAS Coach, JOAD Coach, State Archery Association, and USA Archery for upcoming events.



Jr./Cadet USAT (National Team)


Jr./Cadet USAT (National Team) – you can make the Jr./Cadet United States Archery Team (National Team) by getting ranking points at SAT competitions. Jr. is 20 years old and under and Cadet is 17 and under. Check here for more information on the National Team.



The Junior Dream Team


JDT – the Junior Dream Team is comprised of the nation’s best young archers.  Many members of this team have set National Records and have competed internationally.  To learn more about the team checkout the JDT website.



Resident Athlete Program


RA Program – archers in the Resident Athlete Program live at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, California. There they train everyday with our National Head Coach, Kisik Lee. To learn more go to the RA website.



World Archery


World Archery organizes all international competition including the World Cup series, World Championships, and Olympics. The organization continues to grow the sport on an international level through exciting competitions, media coverage of all events, athlete highlights, and much more. It is truly inspiring to see archers at the world level! See more at the World Archery website.



Youth World Championships


Youth World Championships – the YWC are held every two years and are an amazing way to travel the world as they are held in different locations each time. More information can be found in the World Championships section on the World Archery website.



Youth Olympic Games


Youth Olympic Games – the first YOG was held in 2010 in Singapore where youth from all over the world came to compete in a venue fitting of the Olympic Games. The games will continue to be held every 4 years. Learn more at the YOG website.



Olympic Games


Olympic Games — the epitome of sports. Right now young archers all across the nation have the Olympic dream and are training to make the team. Learn more about the Olympics.



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