Florida OAS schools hold competition


Check out this great article from the Gainesville Guardian about two of our Florida OAS schools.  Sounds like they had a great competition as well as a cool demo from Coach Robert Turner (head coach of the Easton Newberry Sports Complex).  They even had their school cheerleaders perform too!


“Students from Williams elementary and Lincoln middle schools displayed their archery skills during a competition that showcased what they have learned in a program sponsored by a foundation that is trying to increase the popularity of the sport.

Sponsored by the Easton Newberry Sports Complex in Newberry, the Williams/Lincoln Archery Exhibition was held Friday morning at the Lincoln track under clear blue skies, with a light breeze blowing to combat the suffocating heat as eight students from each school competed in a single elimination tournament for the “Top Archer Award.”

Nick Schrott, a seventh-grader at Lincoln, was the overall winner and won the “Top Archer Award,” while Anthony Bishop-Gylys, a fourth-grader at Williams, was crowned the best archer at Williams. Two students from Williams, third-grader Alex Gold and fifth-grader Angel Davis, won the silver and bronze medals, respectively.


The tournament also featured an exhibition by Robert Turner, head archery coach at the Easton Complex. Turner shot several arrows at a target 70 meters, or 80 yards, away. He drew “ooohs” and “aaahs” from the crowd of students, who were out of class to cheer on their classmates during the tournament…”