2012 CA OAS State Championships (Pictures)


This past weekend, we held our 2nd California OAS Sate Championships at the Moyse Football Stadium at Glendale High School.  This was our first time holding a competition at a school and the stadium made for an awesome venue.  The Glendale archers were a great host team, and we can’t thank Coach Holmoe enough for his help in making the event happen.  Attendance more than doubled from last year with 3 High School and 2 Middle School teams competing.

We started with a 36 arrow ranking round and saw a lot of high scores as archers jostled for the top ranking positions.  On the Middle School side, Alfonso Farias (Sequoia MS) would take first with a 345/360 and Julie Perez (Almeria MS) would earn it with a 305/360.  Both of these archers are seasoned competitors having shot OAS competitions last year.  In this year’s mail-in tournament, both made it into the top 10.  For High School we saw some new archers take center stage.  SteFan George (John Muir) ended on top with a 336/360 and Dalar Karimian (Glendale) finished with a 296/360.


Right after the ranking round, we started the team matches.  Each school submitted one team which is comprised of three archers (mixed gender).  For Middle School we saw long-time rivals Almeria and Sequoia face off.  This year Sequoia would take the gold 225 to 215.  On the High School side, Glendale progressed past North Hollywood High to face off against John Muir.  John Muir, one of our newer San Diego schools, had a bye in their first round.  Both teams started strong and were closely matched.  By the last end though John Muir pulled ahead and took the match 214 to 194.

After the lunch break we got to enjoy a neat demo from Coach Raymond as he shot a balloon at 70 meters with his competition recurve bow.  Raymond currently shoots for the CSUN collegiate team and is soon heading out to JMU for USIAC (collegiate archery nationals).

Then it was time to start the Olympic Round.  From the rankings in the morning, each archer is put into a single elimination bracket for head to head matches.  For boys MS, it was yet another showdown between Almeria and Sequoia for the finals.  This match was incredibly close!  Both archers opened with a 29.  In the second end Oswaldo gained a point by shooting a perfect 30!  For the third end both Oswaldo and Nathan shot perfect 30’s.  With only a one point difference, it was still anyone’s match.  Both archers kept their cool and each shot a 29 in the final end!  However, Oswaldo kept his one point lead giving him the gold, 118 to 117.


Sequoia and Almeria also met on the girls’ side.  Georgina and Julie started off close in the first end, 25 to 24 respectively.  However, in the second end it would be Georgina that took the lead by shooting a 29.  Though Julie recovered and finished with a 29, Georgina continued to shoot strong finishing with a 28 and finally a 29 to take home the gold.

For High School we saw a match up between the number one and two ranked archers in the boy’s division.   SteFan George, from John Muir, took an early 3 point lead over his opponent, Matthew Yancheff from Glendale.  SteFan then followed it up with back to back 30’s.  Finally both archers finished with straight 9’s and SteFan would take the match with a 115.

On the girls’ side it would be Glendale’s Dalar Karimian versus North Hollywood High’s Veronica Kim.  By the halfway point, Dalar and Veronica were only 3 points apart, 48 to 45.  In the final two ends though, it would be Dalar who plowed ahead with a pair of 26’s to take the match.

Thanks again to all of the schools for coming out for the competition and a big congratulations to all of the archers!  Great shooting everyone!

~ the OAS staff

2012 CA State Championships RESULTS