USA Best Nation in Archery since 2008!


World Archery, the governing body for international archery, took a look at how successful countries have been in archery since 2008 to see if a top nation could be determined. After deciding on a point and ranking system, World Archery found that USA came out on top!

“Who is the best country in archery overall? And in what regards? These are difficult questions that World Archery wanted to answer—at least on the competitive field. Taking into account all the results in major archery events since 2008, the USA top this new nation ranking ahead of Korea. Italy is at third place followed closely by India.

To some experts the country that wins the most Olympic medals should be considered as the best archery nation in the world. Fair enough. The race for the qualifications, let alone the medals, for the London 2012 Olympic Games is in everyone’s mind at the moment. These who will win the coveted gold, the coveted Olympic title; these who will be on the podium during the Games; these who will reach their ultimate goals in London after four years of exhausting training definitely deserve to be raised at the pinnacle…”