Volunteers needed for 2012 Ogden World Cup


The U.S. will be hosting the third stage of the 2012 World Cup in Ogden, Utah.  This competition is especially important because it is the last opportunity for countries to earn spots for this summer’s Olympics in London.  So we are expecting around 60 countries to attend, making this the best attended Ogden World Cup yet.With such a large event, you need a solid team of organizers and volunteers.  Robert Romero, Director of Coaching and Program Development at Easton Foundations, is leading this year’s competition.

“I was fortunate to assume the Organizing Committee President position with a professional team in place.  We began preparing by reviewing final reports submitted for last years events to see if we can make this years event even better than before.  New team members are added if needed and staff contracts are finalized.  The committee has a conference call once a month starting in September and then go to weekly calls in May for the June event.  This year was a bit of a challenge because we changed venues for the qualification portion of the event.  To be sure that nothing falls through the cracks we use check lists that are generated from final reports, budgets, calendars and the experience from committee members.  Many support vendor quotes are reviewed and contracts drawn up and signed in order to have all registration, transportation, lodging, menus, fields, volunteers and all other materials in place when needed.

Last year we had about 168 volunteers and we may need more this year because we will have more competitors.  It would be very difficult and expensive to run this event without volunteers. The city of Ogden has a great sports culture and many of the residents volunteer.  We also get volunteers that come from other parts of the country and have a working vacation at the World Cup.  It’s a great way to see a world class event up close.”

If you are interested in volunteering, please click the Volunteer Now button to signup.