OAS Workshop in Fontana California


High and middle school Coaches in and around Fontana reported high numbers of students signing up for the Olympic in Archery School Program. The upcoming LA Conference scheduled for this April 2014 generated further excitement. Young archers will have a chance to compete for medals and prizes. Easton Head Coach Rene Paguia and Staff Coach Roy Villasor conducted a workshop for the dedicated coaches. This workshop was hosted by Almeria Middle School under Coach Wanda Thursday, January 30, 2014.

The Workshop began with the dynamic duo reviewing tournament rules with all participants. Although based on World Archery Competition, OAS follows a unique format guaranteed to keep the excitement level high and allows cheerleading. A walk-through of single and team scoring rounds was conducted to perfect the sequence. The proper way to fill the scoring sheets, erasures and corrections, marking of the target faces, evaluation of tangents, bounce arrows, safe practice for retrieving arrows, breaking ties, shoot offs and other related matters were discussed exhaustively.

Several Coaches reported that they would be conducting their very first meeting with their new archers on the first week of February. They asked for advise for the first session. Coach Rene suggested that they emphasize safety, safety and safety. He then went through the proper shot cycle – stance, hook and grip, set, set-up, transfer, load, anchor, transfer, expand, release and follow-through. Together with Coach Roy, participant coaches reviewed the use of the form strap and the stretch band and the benefits each of these tools bring to the archer. There were numerous questions on coaching and shooting technique, Coaches Rene and Roy went on overtime to assist this group of enthusiastic and receptive OAS coaches.

Far from being a lecture, the workshop format allows an open and free discussion between all participants. The coaches extended invitations for both Easton Coaches to come to their school and meet their student archers. They had to be reminded that one of the dates extended for a visit was also Valentines Day, which elicited laughter from all participants.

The OAS Program will continue to receive and schedule workshops in either the Easton Center in Van Nuys or in a local OAS high school.