Registration OPEN for 2014 Spring Mail-in Tournament


To start off our competition season is the 2014 Spring Mail-in Tournament.  For this semester we are introducing a new award for the top middle school and top high school.  A trophy will be given for these winning schools to display at their campus.  We want to give schools a lasting symbol of their success in OAS and hope that it may serve as an inspiration for new students to join their school’s archery program.  This trophy is meant to award schools for both their level of participation in the competition as well as their performance.  The top schools are determined according to this point system:

1)  One point is awarded for each participating archer from your school (includes boys and girls).

2)  Archers in the top 10 receive additional points for their school (includes boys and girls).

1st place
20 points
2nd place 19 points
3rd place 18 points
4th place 17 points
5th place 16 points
6th place 15 points
7th place 14 points
8th place 13 points
9th place 12 points
10th place 11 points

The school with the most points wins the trophy. Middle school team points are calculated separate from high school team points.

1)  Rules and scorecards for the mail-in tournament can be found in our League Handbook.

2)  Register your school online.

3)  Input final scores into this excel spreadsheet.

4)  Email the completed excel spreadsheet to Keaton Chia (  Results are due by May 1st.  Please score early so that you are not late with turning in scores.

5)  We would love a picture of your team.  Photo release forms can be found in our League Handbook.  OAS Pin order forms and scores are also found in the handbook.

6)  Results will be sent out once all scores are tabulated.

We hope that this addition to our mail-in tournament will add a new level of excitement to the competition.  Good luck to everyone!  Shoot well and have fun!

~ the OAS staff

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