2014 San Diego Conference Championship Results


Archers Brave Gusty Winds for Conference Titles
Participation nearly doubled for San Diego’s second Conference Championship this year! The competition was an exciting finish to our first complete league season during which our schools had home and away games with other teams in their area. In addition to being an exciting new format, these archery games also gave our archers experience in competition and enabled them to meet with the rest of the OAS community in San Diego.

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>> 2014 San Diego Conference Championship RESULTS <<

As teams started to arrive and check-in it was apparent that there were going to be a lot more people this year. Pop up tents and folding chairs soon filled the spectator area making for a festive scene. Team banners and uniforms also added to the palette of colors.

First up was the ranking round in which archers shot 36 arrows at either 9 meters for middle school or 18 meters for high school. Archers and coaches bustled around to find their correct target assignment. Assignments were arranged so that archers shoot with peers from different schools making this an opportunity to make new friends or catch up with old ones from the league season.

On the middle school boy’s side we saw hard work pay off for Jordan Mora of Magnolia Science Academy. At last year’s SD Championship, Jordan took 5th place and was determined to work hard during the next year. This determination paid off and Jordan finished in 1st place with a 345/360.

For the middle school girls, we also saw significant improvement for Clara Song of the San Diego French American Academy. Clara’s first OAS competition was last year’s California State Championship where she shot a 193/360 in the ranking round. This time Clara finished with a 329/360, earning her the 1st place spot.

Top honors for the high school boys came down to a matter of their 10 count. Luka Stojic narrowly took 1st place with a 331/360 and fourteen 10’s, just two more than 2nd place Taebien Lee. On the girls side Angelica Marasigan of John Muir School defended her 1st place title with a 317/360.

During the lunch break archers and spectators had the opportunity to watch a demo by Resident Athletes, LaNola Pritchard and Lauren Clamon, as well as Paul Miller, Assistant Head Coach for the National Para-Archery Team. Archers learned what it takes to train full time as well as how to shoot and compete at the longer distances of 70 meters. During this break people could also visit the vendors on site including a table with the UCSD archers, an equipment booth from Archery House, and a booth of archery crafts.

This break also gave our organizers time to put all of the results into the computer to generate the afternoon brackets and ranking round results. Soon enough the morning results and brackets were posted and archers eagerly gathered around the postings to see where they finished. This excitement was further increased as news reporters from the Union Tribune arrived to cover the event. Archers, coaches, and parents got to be interviewed to share their experiences in archery.

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As archers found their positions for the afternoon Olympic Round and Team Round matches, the winds of Chula Vista picked up and created very gusty shooting conditions. The archers were not fazed by the winds though and showed everyone some awesome archery matches!

In the Olympic Round for the middle school boys, the number 1 and 2 ranked archers of the morning now met in a head to head match for the gold medal. Both archers shot very high scores. In the end though Jordan Mora would take gold with a near perfect score of 119/120 to Sterling Brownell’s 115/120.

The middle school girls also had a close match for the gold with only four points separating the two. Clara Song would finish with the gold though with a 104/120 and Daisy Folmer would take the silver with a 100/120.

In the team round it would be a Magnolia showdown. In the end, the team of Erik Self, Kevin Conklin, and Jiovanni Garcia would take the gold while the team of Garrett Bakke, Owen Ant, and Jaymee Gonnello would take the team silver.

For the high school boys Olympic Round, Taebien Lee would capture the 1st place spot over Luka Stojic in another close match, 110 to 106. Even closer was the match between Angelica Marasigan and Colleen Mellinger. Angelica would take home double gold by just two points!

The high school team round would also see a showdown between teammates. Two teams from La Jolla High School faced off for the gold. In yet another close match, the team of Nathan Foroozan, Dane Conboy, and James Telford would take the gold by four points over the team of Nick Frank, Nicholas Deckhut, and Kriti Jain.

To finish off the day, the overall school trophies were presented. This is our first year trying out the award and the purpose was to recognize a school for their achievements as a team and to inspire future generations of archers at their school. Points were awarded based on the performance of archers in each of the categories including participation, ranking round, Olympic round, and team round finishes.

For 2014, Magnolia Science Academy (middle school) and La Jolla High School would capture the top spots and be named our first San Diego Champions!


We would like to thank everyone for making this a great tournament for San Diego! We would especially like to recognize our volunteers, judges, and sponsors for their support including the Easton Foundations, Archery House, Archery Crafts, Delicioso Catering, California State Games, The Teachworth Family, The Deckhut Family, and the UCSD Archery. Without them this event would not be possible.

We look forward to seeing our conference continue to grow and to see more youth benefit from this sport of archery. Thanks everyone!

“89 middle school and high school archers competed for the 2014 Conference Champion Titles!”

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