2015 Spring Mail-in Tournament Registration OPEN


Competition season is nearly upon us! That means our Spring Mail-in Tournament will also be kicking off!  The spring semester is a time for our schools to really show off all their hard work and dedication during the fall and the mail-in is a great way for our archers to ease into competition for the league season.

To participate please follow the steps below.  If you have questions, please contact Kathy White | kwhite@eastonventures.com

1)  Rules and scorecards for the mail-in tournament can be found in our League Handbook as well as these links here.

2)  Register your school online.  Only one coach needs to register for this tournament.  Archers do not need to register.

First click one of these links to bring  you to the appropriate registration page.  Note that if you are coaching both a high school and middle school team you will need to register both separately.  Log into your League Apps account or create a  new one (note that the account you use for your conference’s website can also be used on the National site).

Once on the registration page, click REGISTER to begin the process.  Enter in your school/team name and follow the prompts to complete your registration.

3)  You can have your archers score anytime during the semester, but be sure to do it well before the deadline.  Input final scores into this excel spreadsheet.  Please make sure that all information is correct and that scores have both the total and the number of tens.

4)  Email the completed excel spreadsheet to Keaton Chia (kchia@esdf.org).  Results are due by May 1st.  Please score early so that you are not late with turning in scores.

5)  We would love a picture of your team.  Photo release forms can be found in our League Handbook.  OAS Pin order forms and scores are also found in the handbook.

6)  Results will be sent out once all scores are tabulated.

Good luck everyone!  Shoot well and have fun!

~ the OAS staff

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