[UPDATED] 2015 League Handbook


The 2015 League Handbook is now available and can be downloaded HERE.  We would like to thank all of the coaches for their great feedback on the proposals sent out last semester.  These included:

  • Use of Set System Scoring for all match-play.  This includes league games and championship events.  Match-play refers to the singles (Olympic Round) and triples (Team Round) matches.

  • Simplified qualification system for championship events.

  • Improved point system for championship school trophies that works more fairly for both small and large schools.

All updates in the 2015 Handbook have been highlighted in yellow. Coaches with additional feedback can submit comments HERE. Comments will be accepted up until January 23rd so that the handbook is finalized before the season starts.

Lastly, you will also note that the format for OAS Nationals has also been included.  Again we thank everyone for providing great feedback on this event.  The general consensus was that everyone liked the idea of holding our first national competition so that schools from all of our conferences could come together.  However as expected, travel and cost are major hurdles.  In order to make the competition more accessible, we plan to have multiple sites available, similar to USA Archery Indoor Nationals.  Three of our Easton Centers will host our competition and includes Newberry FL, Salt Lake City UT, and Chula Vista CA.

The dates for the competition have been tentatively set for June 26-28, 2015 based on archer feedback and the availability of our centers.  However, this is pending completion of our newest archery center in Chula Vista, CA at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.  OAS is watching the construction progress very closely and will give a confirmation as soon as possible if Nationals will be held this year or delayed until 2016.

To check out our Easton Centers, visit their facebook pages:

Again thank you to everyone for being part of the OAS journey.  The program has come so far in a short amount of time and we couldn’t do it without you.


[UPDATE] Final coach feedback was accepted.  Comments were provided regarding the point system for championship trophies, specifically the balance between those available from the Olympic Round and Team Round.  The staff and Conference Leadership Teams have reviewed this and adjusted the points. The 2015 League Handbook is now finalized for this season.

The points are now:

Place Boys OR Girls OR Teams
1st 10 10 20
2nd 7 7 14
3rd 4 4 8
4th 1 1 2
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