REGISTER NOW for the 2015 OAS Championship Events!


We are incredibly pleased with the progress of the 2014/2015 League games so far!

Many hard fought games have already been played and the end of the season is quickly approaching. That means it’s almost time for our championship events! Last year we had 625 archers participate across 8 championship events around the country. This year, we are excited to add New York to the OAS family and we expect even more archer participation than last year! Will last year’s champions defend their titles or will we see new up-and-comers climb the ranks?

Sign up soon though the links below and come join us!

Conference Championships:

Los Angeles Conference Championship
Los Angeles High Schools
Los Angeles Middle Schools

San Diego Conference Championship
San Diego High Schools
San Diego Middle Schools

Gainesville Conference Championship
Gainesville High Schools
Gainesville Middle Schools

Orlando Conference Championship
Orlando High Schools
Orlando Middle Schools

State Championships:

California State Championship
California High Schools
California Middle Schools

Florida State Championship
Florida High Schools
Florida Middle Schools

New York State Championship
New York High Schools
New York Middle Schools

Texas State Championship
Texas High Schools
Texas Middle Schools