Easton Newberry Sports Complex hosts JOAD Indoor Tournaments


The Easton Newberry Sports Complex in Florida is home to the Newberry JOAD club. Every other month, the center hosts a tournament for the archers and other local JOAD clubs including OAS schools. These tournaments are a great opportunity to come and shoot with other archers as well as gain valuable competition experience.

The latest of these tournaments was held last week and over 60 JOAD archers competed including 10 from OAS school, First Christian Academy of High Springs. First Christian Academy fielded a strong team in our OAS Mail-in tournament this year (earned 7 medals) so it is really great to see their archers competing in these JOAD tournaments as well!

To learn more about competitions and programs at ENSC, please contact Head Coach, Robert Turner (rturner@esdf.org).

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