2011 Mail-in Tournament RESULTS

The 2011 Mail-in Tournament is now finished! This year we had schools from California, Texas, New York, and Florida all participate in the competition. Not only did we have more schools participate, but also 5 out of the 6 divisions had all top 10 medals awarded.

See this year’s Mail-in Results

High school competition really took off this year with some amazing scores. Newberry High School again captured the number one spot for the boy’s HS division with Charlie Curry’s score of 349/360. Hudson High School, one of our new Texas schools, had an amazing first year, taking 8 out of the top 10 spots for boys and 5 for the girls including number one with Shasheana Chacon’s score of 339/360. Many of our New York schools also had a great showing including The Scholar’s Academy, Automative HS, and Queens Academy.

Middle school continues to have close competition. This year Almeria would take the number one spot for both the boys and girls divisions. Nathan Perkins captured first with a 335/360 and Alexcina Hernandez took it with 346/360. The rest of the spots were hard fought between archers from Almeria, Sequoia, Simi-Valley Adventist, and First Christian Academy.

The elementary division grew tremendously this year with archers from First Christian Academy and Hale Academy. This year Tyler Levanduski (344/360) and Emily Keene (303/360) would take first for First Christian Academy.

We would like to congratulate all of the winners again and thank everyone for participating. We look forward to the league season which will be starting in February. Next year’s mail-in will begin in September, 2012.