2012 League Conferences


The 2012 Archery League Season is about to start!  Below are the League Conferences.  Please contact the other schools in your League Conference (2-4 schools total per conference) to schedule matches.  Each school will have one HOME and one AWAY match with each of the other schools in their conference.  The season will finish with League Finals which will be hosted by one of the schools in your conference.  State Championships will conclude the competition season.

For League Rules, Info Packet, and score cards please see our Resources Page.

Also, please remember to email results from each match to Keaton Chia (kchia@esdf.org).

Schools near the Van Nuys area, are welcome to have their matches at our Easton Van Nuys Archery Center.  Please contact Rene Paguia (rpaguia@esdf.org) to schedule a time.