OAS pilot program in Florida region set to shine


Staff of the Easton-Newberry Sports Complex (ENSC) are ramping up for the biggest distribution of equipment it has ever attempted. So far 50 schools have signed up for the Pilot OAS program and are excited about starting.

The schools surrounding the Easton-Newberry Sports Complex (Alachua County and the adjoining Marion County) have flocked to the OAS program. 50 teachers from these schools have already received Basic Certification from Elite Coach Bob Romero (ENSC Head Coach) Regional Coach Robert Turner (ENSC Assistant Coach) and local coach Phil Graves (Orlando based) and are now ready to get their programs up and running.

The latest phase for the ENSC is to equip all these schools with bows, arrows and targets for their programs. This will be a large task to equip so many schools, yet the ENSC has already prepared itself by receiving 2 large containers to house all the equipment and is ramping up for the building and the distribution of these kits. Newest ENSC staff member, Pamela Parrott, will be focussing on the OAS pilot program with the help of other ENSC and ESDF staff.

OAS Program Supervisor, Keaton Chia, is also set to visit the Easton-Newberry Sports Complex this week. Keaton will be meeting with the ENSC staff, completing workshops with the coaches and staff and familiarizing himself with the program. With the help of Keaton the Easton-Newberry Sports Complex will continue to move from strength to strength and is focussing on building the OAS into a strong and consistent program in region.

For any questions about the Pilot Program in Florida, or the Easton Newberry Sports Complex you can always contact them on 352-474-6334. be sure to ask for the OAS specialist staff Becky Hurley and Pamela Parrott.