School Follow-ups


We are pleased to announce our School Follow-up Requests. Providing support to our schools is essential to the continued success and excellence of the OAS Program. In order to do so, we offer an online Request Form that schools can submit. After receiving your request, an OAS Representative will arrange the follow-up with you.

There are a variety of requests you can make including:

  • School Visits — an OAS Rep can visit your school to help you with your particular program. For example, they might assist you as you coach your students so that you can improve your coaching skills. Note that the purpose of these visits is to help you grow as an archery coach. The role of the OAS Rep is to be a mentor for you, and not a substitute.

  • Seminars — if you are wanting to learn more about a topic like equipment repair, competition, etc., you can request a seminar. These seminars will be open to other OAS coaches so that more people can participate and benefit from the session. So if you think others might be interested in the topic you want to learn about, then a seminar would be the right choice. Seminars allow OAS Reps to be more efficient by meeting the needs of more coaches at a single event. If your school is interested in hosting a seminar, please indicate that in your Follow-up Request Form.

  • Video Reviews — videos are a great way for us to provide feedback to you. We would love to see a video of your class to see how it runs or if you need help coaching a student’s form you could send us a video of them practicing for us to review. After submitting your form we will tell you how to submit your video to us.

  • Program Startups — if you just joined OAS and need help getting started, this is the option for you. We can teach you how to setup the range at your particular school, evaluate storage areas for the equipment, etc.

  • Online Meetings — Online meetings are available to discuss any questions you have.

  • Other — if you have other needs or ideas feel free to send them to us!

For more info, please visit our School Follow-up Page. To make a request please fill out the Online Form.

We look forward to serving you!

~ the OAS Staff

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