2012 Fall Mail-in Tournament!


With the new school year rolling now, it’s time to start our 2012 Fall Mail-in Tournament!  The mail-in is a great way to introduce new archers to competition and to teach them how to score.  It’s also a great way to challenge them as they compete against other OAS archers from across the nation.  Last year we had schools from all of our program conferences competing including CA, CO, TX, NY, and FL!

We have made some changes to the mail-in competition…

1)  We are now offering a mail-in tournament in the fall AND the spring semester now.  The fall tournament will run from September 1st to December 1st.  The spring tournament will go from February 1st to May 1st.  Students may only submit one score per competition, but they CAN compete in both the fall and spring tournaments.

2)  Coaches can now play too!  They may choose to shoot either 9 meters or 18 meters.  They may only submit one score per tournament though.

3)  REGISTRATION is now through our new online account system.  To register:

a)  Login to your school’s account. If you do not have a login name or password yet for your school please contact Keaton Chia (kchia@esdf.org).

b)  Once logged in, go to ‘current events’ in the dropdown menu on the right and click ‘go’.

c)  To find the event more easily, select ‘national‘ for category and ‘competition‘ for topic

d)  Now you will see the 2012 Fall Mail-in listed below.  Click register to register your students for the competition.  This is to give us an estimate of how many archers will be attending.  Final count will be shown with the Score Excel sheet you submit to Keaton Chia (kchia@esdf.org).  So don’t worry if your registered number does not match the actual number.

Shoot well and good luck everyone!  Game on!!!!!

See past scores here.

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