Coach & Student Workshops


This year we want to bring more OAS events to YOU at the schools. One of our goals is to provide more opportunities for coach and student development. To do this we are planning workshops so students and coaches can come together to learn and practice.

These workshops will be hosted at schools and will be available to all OAS coaches/students in the area. Coaches will have an opportunity to bring their students to the workshop so that they can learn more coaching techniques and then work with their students. Students are encouraged to come with their coaches, but are welcome to attend on their own as well to develop their shooting technique.


Each workshop can be tailored to the participants’ needs, however here is a typical schedule:

  1. Welcome and discuss goals (what do you want to accomplish in this workshop?)

  2. Warm-up and open practice (coaches observe form and develop questions)

  3. Demonstration and practice of key concepts from observations

  4. Group work (coaches are put with groups of students to practice key ideas)

  5. Practice

  6. Fun competition (ie. team rounds or matches)