2011 OAS Mail-in Tournament!!!


Get ready for our second OAS Mail-in tournament!

ONLINE REGISTRATION for 2011 OAS Mail-in Tournament

Last year we held our very first Mail-in Tournament and saw some great competition from all of you. This year we have even more schools in the OAS program which should make this Mail-in even more exciting.

This year the tournament will run for the entire Fall Semester (August 1st to December 1st) so that more students can participate. This is also to make it easier for teachers so that they can hold their archery classes anytime throughout the semester or even hold multiple sessions. Our new OAS Curriculum has also been launched this year and the Mail-in Tournament is a fun way to finish that class.

Here are the 1st place winners from last year’s tournament. Let’s see if these scores can be beaten!

High School:

BOYS — Devon Domenech with a 286 from Newberry High

GIRLS — Arley Daughetry with a 273 from Newberry High

Middle School:

BOYS –Isaiah Dupont with a 345 from Westside Waldorf School

GIRLS — Leigh Ann Luong with a 343 from Simi Valley Adventist School

Elementary School:

BOYS — Xavier Moore with a 94 from Hale Academy


Complete scores from last year’s Mail-in Tournament can be found HERE.


2011 OAS Mail-in Tournament

How to Participate:

Step 1Register Online

Step 2 — Have official scoring days for your students. These can be held anytime between August 1st and December 1st. Each student is only allowed to submit one score.

Step 3 — Submit your scores : Download the Scores Excel Sheet and fill it in with all of your students’ scores. Then email this to Keaton Chia (kchia@esdf.org).

Step 4 — All students may earn OAS Achievement Pins. Please check the Qualifying Score Sheet to see if students earned a pin. To order pins, please complete the Request Form.

Step 5 — Look out for results and announcements. After all of the scores are compiled, medals will be sent out to the overall top 10 finishes in each division (boys/girls & Elementary/Middle/High).

Step 6 — We would love pictures from your school! If you do send pictures to us, please make sure all students/parents have signed the Photo Release Form.

Competition Format:

  • 36 Arrows — either 6 ends of 6 arrows or 12 ends of 3 arrows

  • 122cm Target Face

  • 9 meters for Middle School & Elementary (Elementary is Florida ONLY); 18 Meters for High School

  • 2 minutes for 3 arrows ends or 4 minutes for 6 arrow ends


Helpful documents:

*to save the file, click FILE in the top-left and download original*

Scores Excel (Email this back to Keaton Chia to submit your school’s scores)

Score Card (3×12)

Score Card (6×6)

OAS Achievement Pins_Qualifying Scores

OAS Achievement Pins_Request Form

Photo Release Form

Thank you all for your continued support and participation in OAS! We’re excited for this new school year!

~ the OAS Staff

For questions please feel free to contact us.