2010-2011 school year wrap-up

Another school year comes to a finish!

2010-2011 was an exciting year for us as we got to try out a lot of new things for the OAS program. Our first set of additions were for our coaches. Quality coaching is really important to us so we created an online training program to compliment our trainings. We know that there is a lot to learn in archery and it is easy to be overwhelmed by it all. So by switching to a hybrid course format (online and class) coaches can learn the material ahead of time at their own pace and then practice it during the in-person course. To compliment this new training program we have also created a detailed curriculum for a beginning archery class. It is full of lessons, games, activities, and worksheets that coaches can use with their students. The curriculum is designed to help you have a safe and archery program, meet NASPE standards, teach NTS in an effective and methodical way, and give students a look into what it takes to be an Olympic archer.

This year we also started more organized competition. In the fall semester we had our first annual Mail-in Tournament which saw some great competition especially among our middle schools. In the spring, we then held our first LA Sectionals and CA State Championships.

In addition to growth in Southern California, our program also grew with the addition of 45+ schools in Florida. The Easton Newberry Center is a beautiful facility with both an indoor and outdoor range, making it a perfect place to start another OAS conference. Archers are also lucky to have the opportunity to work with the center’s head coach, Robert Turner.

Thank you again for such a great year! We hope that you enjoy the pictures below from 2010/2011. We have a lot of ideas planned for next year so we look forward to seeing you in the fall semester! Have a great summer break!