Florida OAS archer takes GOLD in Newberry Tournament


OAS student, Devon Domenech (Newberry high,FL) took the gold medal at Easton Newberry Sports Complex first ever outdoor JOAD event. In a tough field, of over 30 of Newberry’s JOAD archers and in his first ever tournament, Devon won the men’s recurve division with an impressive score of 612. The tournament, a modified JOAD event, pitted all male recurves against each other regardless of age, ability and distance shot. Devon showed great skill to finish first out of the 12 males entered.

While the OAS program only began in Florida last year, it is clearly showing strong talent and results from its students. Head Coach of the Easton Newberry facility and the tournament director was excited for the programs future. “I am so excited to see one of our local OAS students in his first ever event and winning the gold medal. The field is strong with Newberry JOAD archers and to take first place in such a field, is a credit to his school, Coach and the OAS program”

The Florida OAS program consists of some 60 local schools in the area surrounding the Easton Newberry complex and is looking to continue its success and develop the program.

Robert Turner

ENSC Head Archery Coach