Los Angeles vs. San Diego All-School Team Showdown!

On May 25th at the 2013 California OAS State Championships, we are going to have a showdown between our Los Angeles and San Diego Conferences!  The best archers from each Conference will face each other in head-to-head Olympic Round and Team Round matches.  We’ll see which Conference ends up on top and walks away with the CA All-School Team Perpetual Trophy!


All-Los Angeles Middle School Team



All-San Diego Middle School Team



All-Los Angeles High School Team


All-San Diego High School Team

To qualify for spots on the All-School Team, archers competed in their local Conference Championships.  San Diego held theirs on April 2oth at the Olympic Training Center, while Los Angeles had theirs the week after at Woodley Park with the USC Archery Team.  During these tournaments, the archers shot a ranking round in the morning and then chose to shoot in the Olympic Round or Team Round matches in the afternoon.  Similar to tennis with singles or doubles, the archers had to choose which event they would compete in.

The ten All-School Team members were then announced.  The top 2 boys and top 2 girls from the Olympic Round matches as well as the top 2 Team Round teams would qualify.  There is a separate Middle School and High School team.

The All-San Diego Team will face the All-Los Angeles Team after lunch at our CA State Championships.  The format follows our league games where the 1st singles will face the opposing 1st singles and so forth.  The team to the win the most matches will win the game.  You can read more about our league format in our League Handbook.

The idea for the competition came from Coach Stevens at the John Muir School.   “It sounded like a really fun idea,” says OAS supervisor Keaton Chia.  “With our archery league growing, this All-School Team is a fun way to bring archers together from different schools and to build a sense of camaraderie within our Conferences.  It has also created a fun rivalry between our Los Angeles and San Diego Conferences.”   As we grow our other state leagues and conferences we plan to replicate this format to those regions as well.