2013 Colorado State Championships RESULTS


Congratulations to all of our Colorado schools for holding their very first Colorado State Championships!  Started under the leadership of Chris Dorow, a Level 4 USA Archery Coach, the Denver Conference was the second region to start OAS after the program’s home conference of Los Angeles.  The Conference has steadily grown and been very competitive both in OAS and in local JOAD competitions and is primed to be our largest Conference next year.

See 2013 Colorado State Championships RESULTS


Forty five archers gathered at Rocky Heights Middle School for the competition.  Despite being their first time holding a tournament, Denver took on the challenge and held a full OAS competition which includes all of the different archery events seen in the Olympics.  This involves a ranking round in the morning, then Olympic and Team Round matches in the afternoon.  Organizing the rankings and brackets is a very challenging task, but host club Rocky Heights and Chris Dorow were able to accomplish it.

Rocky Heights MS displayed the strong depth to their team by taking many of the top honors in each of the divisions.  Of special note was Zach Hanna who took 1st place in all three events, an impressive feat considering how easily matches can go one way or another.  His teammate, Ally Pfeiffer, nearly matched his performance on the girls side as well by taking home two gold and one silver.  Conner Kubus, of Mountain Ridge, also had an impressive performance by earning a medal in all three of the events.  In addition to the larger teams, it was really cool to see great archers from so many different schools.  We had medalists from Skyview Academy, STEM Academy, Ranch View, Heritage, and a homeschool.  It is clear already that the competition going forward in Denver is going to really heat up, especially as teams gain experience and new archers next year!

We would like to thank everyone for coming out to the tournament, and for making this first OAS competition for our Denver Conference such a success.  We look forward to many more.  Congratulations again to all of the archers.  Great shooting everyone!