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To become certified as an OAS Instructor, you are required to complete the Online Training portion and attend an OAS Instructor Course.



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To begin, head to your local Conference website to see when the next Instructor Course will be held. Also check-in with your local Conference Leadership Team if you have questions.

At this time you will also want to create your CivicRec account so that you can register online. You will also use this account for League and other event registrations. Instructions on how to create your account can be found here.



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Complete the Online Training prior to attending the Instructor Course. The Online Training covers all of the knowledge you will need to familiarize yourself with the equipment, range safety, NTS and coaching basics. At the Instructor Course, you will get hands on experience putting the knowledge obtained from the Online Training into practice.

Once you have completed the Online Training, attended the Instructor Course and passed the exam, you will be given an OAS Instructor Card. This Card is required for all people coaching in the OAS program.


USA Archery Instructor Certification

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At the OAS Instructor Training you will receive a Level 1 USA Archery Packet. OAS has chosen to use these materials so that our coaches have a pathway into the USA Archery Instructor Certification Program. In addition to your OAS certification, if you would like to qualify for the USAA Level 1 Certification, then you must meet their additional requirements:

  • USA Archery Membership

  • Background Check

  • Safe Sport

  • Additional Training to complete the USAA Level 1 Curriculum

Getting a Level 1 Certification creates more opportunities to advance in the USA Archery program if you are interested and also includes additional coach insurance through USAA.

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities offered by OAS to continue your coach education. Workshops may be available in your area. Contact your Local Conference Leadership team for more information!