2019 Spring Mail-in Tournament OPEN!


The 2019 Spring Mail-in tournament is now open! This is a great way for your students to compete with other archers across the country without leaving your home range!

IT IS SIMPLE TO PARTICIPATE! To take part, please follow the steps below.  If you have questions, please contact Stanley Cheng | scheng@esdf.org

1) Chose an official scoring day anytime between now and May 1st

2) Use a 122cm Target Face

3) Each Archer shoots 36 arrows. You can decide between:

  • Twelve ends of 3 arrows with 2 minutes per end OR

  • Six ends of 6 arrows with 4 minutes per end

4) Fill out the score sheets

5)  You can have your archers score anytime during the semester, but be sure to do it well before the deadline. Input final scores into this excel spreadsheet. Please make sure that all information is correct and that scores have both the total and the number of tens.

6) The Top 10 Archers from each division (Boys/Girls & MS/HS) will receive medals

7) SHARE PICTURES! Share your story with us! We want to hear from you!

Rules and scorecards for the mail-in tournament can be found in our League Handbook.

Good luck everyone!  Shoot well and have fun!

~ the OAS staff

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