Build Your Own Target Stands


Designs for target stands have now been posted in our “Resources” page for coaches.  Building your own target stands is a great opportunity for students to learn woodworking.  It is also an opportunity for local businesses to support your team with donated materials or other supplies.


OAS Target Stand Design – this is the standard target stand for OAS programs.  The targets are set lower for added range safety.

H Target Stand Design (by Allen Floyd) – this design was created by Allen Floyd.  It is a great stand that puts the target at regulation height (World Archery rules).  It folds up very well and is easy to move with wheels.

Bow Racks (Portable Work Stand) – this is the standard bow rack for OAS programs.  They can be built or bought from local hardware stores (search for portable work stands).  The link provided is just an example product.

Have other designs that you would like share?  Please send to Keaton Chia |

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