2013 Fall Mail-in Tournament Official RESULTS [updated]


With Christmas just around the corner, OAS is getting ready to send out gifts of our own. That’s right, the 2013 Fall Mail-in Tournament has just finished and medals are being prepared for the top archers. Scores have been compiled and you can see the official results here:


The mail-in tournament has continued to grow both in the number of archers as well as participating schools.  This year we had 22 schools participate, 259 archers, and again saw all of our conferences represented in the competition.  Last year’s 2012 Fall Mail-in saw 7 schools participate and the 2013 Spring tournament had 13 schools.  “I believe that this is a good reflection of the direction we have taken with OAS.  Not only do we want to see more youth trying archery, but we also want to get them excited about being part of a team and participating in a larger program.  This creates community and is essential for long-term participation.  I learned this from my days competing with my friends on the UC Berkeley team,” says OAS Supervisor, Keaton Chia.

On the high school side it was great to see so many of the top archers come from different schools, which shows the depth of our high school programs.  For the boys, newcomer HaHyun Lee took first place with a 349/360 which ties the all-time OAS record set by Charlie Curry from Newberry HS back in 2011.  For the girls, Rezeile Mostrales of High Tech High Chula Vista, would repeat her first place finish, this time though in the High School Division.  Despite shooting 18 meters, double the distance she shot in middle school, she finished 6 points higher than last year with a 332/360.

For our middle school archers, Jordan Mora from the Magnolia Science Academy, improved upon his 4th place finish last year to take top honors this round with a 346/360.  Powerhouse, Rocky Heights Middle school of Denver Colorado swept the top 6 spots for the girls division, led by both Emily Wilson and Shayna Smith.  This is the first time we have ever had a tie for first place as both archers shot a 348/360, each with 25 tens!

The strong level of participation and high scores are harbingers of the exciting matches awaiting us in February, when the 2014 Archery League season will begin.  The OAS Mail-in tournament was started in 2010 and was designed to be beginner friendly so that more youth could easily participate in an archery competition.  It has also been a fun way to connect our schools together from our different conferences all across the country.  With all five State Leagues represented, the tournament has truly become a national event.  The 2014 Spring Mail-in Tournament will open on February 1st, 2014.

Thank you to everyone who participated!