Spotlight on Rocky Heights MS – the Nighthawk Archers


The archery program at Rocky Heights MS in our Denver, CO Conference has really ‘taken off’!  The Nighthawks joined the program last year in 2012 and have quickly grown into a solid program.  They hosted the first CO OAS State Championships with the guidance of Denver Conference Leader, Chris Dorow, and held summer archery camps over the summer.  We’re excited to see their program flourish and to see so many kids into the sport!  Great shooting Nighthawks!  A big thank you to the Douglas County School District for the great article and video!


Rocky Heights students aim to achieve through archery


Posted by DCSD Newsroom on October 16, 2013

HIGHLANDS RANCH – A group Rocky Heights Middle School students have formed an after-school archery club under the guidance of Rock Heights Middle School teachers Rodney Graham and David Calloway.

The main goal of the club is to engage students in an Olympic-style activity that also has lessons that can be taken into the classroom as well.

“We’re always trying to teach. The great thing about archery is that it just leads to focus and staying focused on things, “ says Archery Coach Rodney Graham