2013 Fall Mail-in Tournament


What better way to start off the new school year than with archery!  Join us as we kick off this new year with our Fall Mail-in Tournament!

For those of you who are new to the mail-in scene, this tournament is a great way to introduce your new students to archery competition.  You can teach them the basics of how to score the arrows on the target, as well as competition procedures and etiquette.

Scoring for the tournament can be held at your school anytime until December 1st which is the final day that scores can be emailed to Keaton Chia (kchia@esdf.org).

1)  Rules and scorecards for the mail-in tournament can be found in our League Handbook.

2)  REGISTER ONLINE to let us know how many archers to expect.

3)  Input final scores into this excel spreadsheet.

4)  Email the completed excel spreadsheet to Keaton Chia (kchia@esdf.org).  Results are due at December 1st.

5)  We would love a picture of your team.  Photo release forms can be found in our League Handbook.  OAS Pin order forms and scores are also found in the handbook.

6)  Results will be sent out once all scores are tabulated.  

Shoot well and have fun everyone!

~ the OAS staff