2017 End of Summer OAS Survey


The Questionnaire is now closed! Thank you to all the coaches who participated in the survey! 

Hello, Coaches!

We hope you are having a great summer! Your participation in this questionnaire would greatly help us at the OAS National Office! We are looking for everyone’s feedback so that we can make better decisions regarding the future of OAS that reflect the desire of its member schools.

Purpose of this questionnaire is simple: There is interest to start an ‘advanced’ division for OAS that removes OAS equipment restrictions. An ‘advanced’ division would consist of World Archery equipment and scoring rules. Archers would be allowed to use ILF limbs/risers as well as carbon arrows and would shoot at 40cm targets at 18 meters. Until there is a sustainable number of ‘advanced’ division participants, archers would only be able to participate in this division during the ranking round (30 arrows) at Championship Events. There would be NO league match, singles match, or triples match events for this division.


  • Archers would be shooting a format almost identical to a typical JOAD tournament.

  • Those who are looking to move on to competitions after OAS would be more prepared.

  • Archers would get to shoot whatever equipment they would like as long as it is World Archery compliant.


  • Most students enjoy OAS because of its team dynamic. However, ‘advanced’ archers would compete in a separate event from their regular OAS team and would not contribute to the overall team awards.

  • Cost of ‘nicer’ equipment can be significantly higher (Normal OAS equipment can still be used in the ‘advanced’ division)

*Please note: This survey is for current OAS coaches only.