IMPORTANT: League Membership Update


This is an important announcement with regard to League Membership for schools. In order to meet the growing needs of and demand for OAS, the program will need to make incremental increases to the League Membership fee over the next several years. For the 2014-2015 season, League Membership is $250 per team. For example if a school has both a middle school and a high school team, then the total League Membership cost for that year will be $500. Other costs include travel for league games and entry fees for championship events (may vary with each event/region). Participation and League Membership in OAS includes training, access to special discounts with Lancaster Archery Supply, events, and the league.

The League Membership fee can be paid online through League Apps (there is an additional online processing fee). To find your conference’s League Apps Page go HERE. Registration will open in early August. The League Membership can also be paid by mailing a check to Olympic Archery in Schools – 7855 Haskell Ave., Suite 350, Van Nuys, CA 91406. Checks can be made out to the “Easton Foundations“. There is no processing fee for checks.

Participation remains a core value of our program. Despite these cost increases, our focus continues on making this sport more accessible to our youth so that they may gain lifelong benefits from the sports. OAS will be making other program updates in order to ensure sustainability and the quality of our program.

For those schools who joined OAS prior to December 1st, 2012, the League Membership is still waived until June of 2016. That program announcement can be viewed here.

Since the start of OAS, the Easton Foundations has generously supported the program through equipment loans, training, and more.  ESDF continues its commitment to OAS with the goal of growing our sport and making an impact at the grassroots level.

For other sponsors interested in supporting the OAS program, please contact Keaton Chia | | 510.303.6402