LA Conference…we are great!


Sports are done for many different reasons…for the love of the game, for the opportunity to shine, to make new friends, to be part of a community and most importantly for the life experience it provides.  OAS offers all those things to our youth and much more.  We dream that one day, the next generation of archery Olympians will come from the Olympic Archery in Schools program.  The path towards that dream is within a bow and an arrow.  But in order to guide our young archers towards the bow and arrow, we focus on creating coaches that will continue year after year to find their inspiration within the smiles of their young archers.  As a team we work together to provide a great and rewarding experience for all.

To recap our successes, we started this past season by introducing a new set point system.  We worked towards learning how to fill out the new scoresheets.  We held our league games in one location to assist coaches and our young archers with traveling and scheduling challenges. Our games were fun and rewarding; you can see it on the faces of all of our archers.  We continued by having a great LA Championship event at Glendale High School.  The event location was beautiful and it provided an experience our young archers will always remember…Archery under the cold rainy day.

>> 2015 Los Angeles Conference Championship Results <<

We also had the opportunity to host two of our OAS events at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA, our State Championships and our National Test Event.  Both events were successful in that it provided a fun and rewarding experience to our archers, parents and coaches.

As we look forward to our 2015-2016 season we are reminded that it is all about the experience we are creating for our archers. Our archers are proud to be part of OAS and we would not be able to provide the GREAT OAS experience if it is not for our coaches, our parents, our young archers and volunteers.  With your input and suggestions, we will continue to train and make our program better. We look forward to having a great upcoming OAS Game League Season.

~ LA Conference Leader, Idida Briones