2011/2012 School Year Wrap-up

We want to thank everyone for another great year!  We can’t believe how quickly it has gone by.

We were able to accomplish a lot this year and here are some of the highlights…


In the fall semester we started doing workshops. It was really neat getting to host these events at different schools and work with a lot of archers and coaches. Each workshop had its own unique flavor, but for most we focused on the fundamental concepts of NTS like Holding and alignment. We also had time to play some fun games. We look forward to having more of these next year. If you are interested in hosting, just let us know!


We held our second mail-in tournament and saw a big increase in participation. This year all 6 categories were contested with 101 archers competing. We also saw our new schools from Texas and New York join in the fun. We look forward to seeing this grow even more next year.


This year schools were added to OAS from Texas and New York. Both regions have been very excited to be able to offer archery and we have seen a lot of great participation from them already.


We attended our very first CAHPERD Conference in Pasadena CA. It was a lot of fun setting up a booth and getting to expose people to our program and Olympic Archery. Many people have not seen the Olympic side of archery so it was great getting to show people the differences and how it can be effectively taught in schools. Our bungee arrow give-aways were also a big hit and they could be seen soaring throughout the convention hall.


Our Easton Centers in Van Nuys, CA and Newberry, FL have been busy hosting school field trips. It’s a great opportunity for students to see our archery centers and to get a chance to work with our head coaches.


To test out our new archery league format we setup scrimmage matches. Sequoia and Almeria Middle Schools tried it out in Fontana, while Glendale HS came over to our Van Nuys Center to compete. The new format was a hit with both the archers and spectators as it focuses on match play and team competition.


We started our new Archery League this year. Though small, it has already proven to be very popular and we hope that more schools will be encouraged to form competition teams so that they can participate in this unique and fun league.


California hosted their second State Championships at Glendale High School. This was our first time hosting the competition at a school and it was a great experience. Glendale was a great host and let us use their football stadium which made for a really neat venue. Attendance more than doubled from last year and we saw two middle schools and three high schools compete.


This year we got a new OAS website which has been great. It has given us room to post more news, host resources, and more. Check back often as we add more content for the coming school year.

Thanks again everyone! We hope you all have a great summer break and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

~ the OAS staff