2015 OAS National Test Event – REGISTER TODAY


OAS is excited to announce that we will be holding our first National Event Competition this year (not including our mail-in).  As stated in previous announcements, our Nationals was dependent on the completion of our latest Easton Center in Chula Vista so that all locations could shoot indoors in similar conditions.  Unfortunately because it will not be complete in time, we will instead be holding a National Test Event to prepare for next year’s complete Nationals.  This National Test Event will enable us to do a test of our capabilities including live scoring and video.

The 2015 National Test Event is OPEN TO ALL OAS ARCHERS.  It is a single day comprised of a 72 arrow ranking round.  The competition will be held at three locations and participants may choose which location to compete at.

We are one team…the OAS team!


Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Three of our Easton Centers will be available for OAS archers to participate in the Nationals TEST EVENT.  Archers may choose any of the three sites to participate at.  Take into account travel costs, however this does present an opportunity to visit a new place if you desire.

Easton Centers of Excellence
– Olympic Training Center – Chula Vista, CA
– Easton Salt Lake Archery Center – Salt Lake City, UT
Easton-Newberry Archery Center – Newberry, FL

– Chula Vista, CA:  8am Check-in, 8:40am Welcome, 9am Official Practice, 9:30am Official Scoring

– Salt Lake City, UT:  9 am Check-in, 9:40am Welcome, 10am Official Practice, 10:30am Official Scoring

– Newberry, FL: 11am Check-in, 11:40am Welcome, 12pm Official Practice, 12:30pm Official Scoring

– $20 per archer.  $1.20 processing fee if paid online.

Middle School archers will shoot 9 meters and high school archers will shoot 18 meters.  All will use the 80cm target face.
– Practice Ends

– 72 arrows (two rounds of 36, each consisting of 12 ends of 3 arrows with a 20 minute break between rounds)

– AB,CD shooting line

– Test of live scoring system from all three locations

– Awards given to the top 10 archers in each division (boys/girls, HS/MS)

*For this test event there will NOT be an Olympic Round or Team Round.  There will NOT be an overall school award*