2015 Spring Mail-in Tournament RESULTS

It has been an action packed year as we near the finish line for our second league season.  One can benefit a lot from the challenges that archery presents and we have been encouraged to see that the league play has fostered other aspects of the sport such as teamwork, sportsmanship, trust, respects, and more.  As the level of competition in the league has gone up and team spots become more hotly contested, we are happy to see so many schools continue to participate in the mail-in tournament which serves as an opportunity for ALL OAS archers to play and to be a part of the OAS community.  Thanks to all who participated and congratulations on some great shooting!


International Community School archery team competing in the 2015 Spring Mail-in Tournament

International Community School archery team competing in the 2015 Spring Mail-in Tournament

This year we had a record turnout of 318 archers from 29 different schools all across the country!  Not only did we see an increase in numbers, but also in performance.  This year we had our very first perfect score!  We also had many more ties for top spots and most were separated by only a single point or even just their 10 count!

For the boys middle school, Tyler Levanduski of First Christian Academy set a new OAS record with a perfect 360/360!  Tyler took gold in both of our mail-in tournaments back in 2012/2013.  Returning this year he improved his shooting by over 20 points, having shot a 338 back in 2012.

On the girls side, Cavika Prashad of Windermere Prep nearly matched Tyler’s perfect score with a 356.  Just last month Cavika had taken gold in the Ranking Round and silver in the Olympic Round at the 2015 Florida State Championship.

On the high school side, Jae Yoon Kim captured gold with a 352/360.  He edged out the Fall’s winner, Sterling Brownell, by a mere 2 points.

Gold for the girls came down to a count of 10’s!  Estee Foroozan of La Jolla High School narrowly beat runner up, Fernanda Barusco, 20 tens to 17 tens.  Both girls shot a 339/360 in this tight race.  This was Estee’s first year shooting in the high school division.  She continues a strong career having won the middle school girl’s division at last year’s CA State Championship.

For the overall school results, Lake Mary Preparatory school of Orlando, Florida took top honors in BOTH the middle school and high school division with a strong showing both in participation and performance.  This year our Orlando and Gainesville (Florida State League) conferences have grown significantly and have had a strong showing on the national stage!

Congratulations to all of the archers!  Continue to follow OAS as we wrap up our remaining championship events.