(FINAL) 2016 Spring Mail-in Results


An action packed OAS season comes to a close! Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations on some great shooting! Here are the full results:

2016 Spring Mail-in Results 

This year, we had a record 336 archers from 31 different schools challenge for the top spots. Competition was fierce! There were several ties for the top spots and the first 2 perfect scores in the Girl’s Middle School division!

Ayla VanHissenhoven of Lake Mary Prep Middle School and Kaylee Campbell of Sequoia Middle School share first place honors with perfect 360/360 scores! Amazing shooting ladies!

In the Boy’s Middle School division, there was also a tie for 1st place! Johnathan Asca from Corner Lake Middle School and Jaxson Christie share the gold scoring 356 with 32 ten’s.

Over in the High School division, Adam Whitlatch took first with a 355/360 and Franz Valerio took the top Girl’s spot with a 350.

The Overall Middle and High School titles went to Corner Lake Middle School and Glendale High School respectively!

Congratulations to all the archers!