(Final) 2017 Spring Mail-in Results


(Final) 2017 Spring Mail-in Results 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 Spring Mail-in! This year we received results for 257 students from 18 Middle Schools and 61 students from 5 High Schools!

Final results are now posted (above)!

Ayei Chang of Lake Highland Prep Middle School and Ainlsey Sayers of Corner Lake Middle School share the top spot in the Middle School Girl’s Division.

In the Boy’s Middle School division, Aidan Collins of First Christian Academy shot a perfect 360 to take 1st place! Great shooting Aidan!

Over in the High School Girl’s division, Sarah Wisherd and Fernanda Barusco, both from Lake Mary Prep High School shot 347 with 23 10’s to share 1st place!

Sterling Brownell of John Muir High School and Eddie Feves of Da Vinci High School walked away with the High School Boy’s division title, BOTH shooting perfect scores! That’s some amazing shooting!

The Overall Middle School and High School winners are Lake Mary Prep Middle School and Lake Mary Prep High School respectively. They must all eat their Wheaties over at Lake Mary! Great Job!

Congratulations to all the archers! We’ll see you next season!