REGISTER HERE for OAS Recurve Event @ the 2015 NASP Nationals!


OLYMPIC-STYLE RECURVE SHOOTING EVENT at the 2015 NASP Nationals.  Explore new archery opportunities!

LOVE ARCHERY?! For those of you who will be competing at the 2015 NASP Nationals, come try the Olympic-side of archery by shooting a recurve bow and competing in a Team Round Match as seen in the Olympics.  The Olympic Archery in Schools (OAS) program is excited to partner with NASP to provide additional opportunities for young archers.  During the NASP Nationals, OAS will have a range on site for you to come and participate!  Sign-up as a team of three.  During your shooting time, your team will be assigned a match against another team.  Two ends of practice will be provided and then the match will begin!  The winning team will receive a prize as well as a bonus raffle ticket.  All participants receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win one of three recurve bows.

WHEN:  May 7-9 during the 2015 NASP Nationals
WHERE:  The Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center | 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY 40209
– Team Cost:  $10/archer or $30/team of 3 archers.
*Coaches/adults are also welcome to participate, however will not be eligible for prizes.  Matches will be arranged with other adults or archers you know.
– Multiple flight times available.
– Three Recurve Bows being raffled.  All participants have a chance to win one.
– Interested in starting an OAS conference in your area?  Contact Kathy White ( for more info!



 COACHES/PARENTS – When registering your archers, please Create an Account (you will be the “Account Holder”) and then add your archers (team members) as account members (on the Dashboard – click “Add Account Member”).  After you have added your archers you can then choose a flight and hit “register”. You will then have your archers names open in a box and  you can choose each archer by name.  For each archer you will be required to enter specific information when registering for a flight.

Kearny High School OAS/NASP Team Members

Kearny High School OAS/NASP Team Members


  • Try shooting Olympic-style archery with Recurve bows. All equipment is provided.

    • Have your own recurve bow?  Feel free to use it as long as it follows our guidelines:

      • Barebow Recurve  – riser with bolt on limbs or one piece recurve bows.  For this event accessories like sights and stabilizers are not permitted.

      • Limbs marked at 28# or less

      • All-aluminum arrows

  • OAS coaches on site to provide instruction for recurve bows and competition format. Competition will be at 15 meters using standard NASP range commands.

  • Learn how the Team Round Match works and how to score using the Set System as seen in the Olympics.

  • All participants receive a raffle ticket for a chance to WIN a RECURVE BOW! Teams that win their match receive a bonus raffle ticket.


  • You and two friends create a team to challenge another set of archers to a match!

  • Each archer shoots 2 arrows, one archer at a time (like a relay), for a total of 6 arrows per end. Each end is 2 minutes long.  First team to win 5 SET points wins the match & gets a prize!  Three arrow shoot off (one arrow per archer) if tied at 4-4.


  • 2 Set Points – team with the higher end score

  • 0 Set Points – team with the lower end score

  • 1 Set Point – both teams tie with the same end score

OAS is excited to be partnering with NASP.  NASP is a great program that has brought archery to hundreds of schools using the Genesis Compound Bow.  We have been thrilled to see more schools offer both of our programs so that students have the opportunity to shoot different styles of archery, both the Olympic-style recurve and compound bow.  OAS and NASP will be working together to further the sport of archery and to make positive impacts on our youth through the sport.  A big thank you to NASP CEO, Roy Grimes and the rest of the NASP team for this opportunity.