2011 OAS State Championships

We will be holding our first OAS State Championships in California this year. This event will serve as a test run for next year when we roll out competitions in all of our other OAS Regions.

In addition to providing an opportunity for youth to compete in archery, we hope that students will be able to raise funds for their school through this event. We realize that schools are facing more budget cuts and other challenges, so through archery we hope students can make a difference for their school.

The ranking round is our fundraising opportunity. Students may find people to sponsor them and donate a set amount for every gold a student shoots. The ranking round is 36 arrows, so there are a possible 36 gold hits (a score of 9 or 10). A form is provided in the registration packet, but fundraising must follow your school’s procedures and all funds go directly to the school (coaches, please check with your school about fundraising procedures).

Who: All California OAS Schools are encouraged to compete. Schools (Middle and High Schools) may bring as many students as interested.

When: Saturday, May 28th, 2011. 8am to 4:30pm

Where: Woodley Park Archery Range in Van Nuys, CA.

Entry Fee: $10 per student. Please make the check out to “Easton Sports Development Foundation”

Registration: Print out REGISTRATION PACKET

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, May 6th, 2011

To Do:

  • Open the REGISTRATION PACKET (link above)

  • Print out Fundraising Flyer for students

  • Complete “School Info Form”

  • Fill-out “Athlete Registration” (one for BOYS and one for GIRLS)

  • Each Athlete must have completed “Photo, Video, and News Interview Release Form”

  • Check for entry Fee

  • Mail registration packet to ESDF

    • School Info Form

    • Athlete Registration (boys & girls)

    • Photo, Video, and News Interview Release Form (one for each athlete)

    • Check for entry fee

  • Organize transportation to event

  • Students are responsible for their own equipment. Make sure each athlete is properly prepared for the competition. (bow, arrows, arm guard, finger tab, etc.)

  • Mail Registration Packet To:

Olympic Archery in the Schools
c/o Idida Briones
7855 Haskell Avenue, Suite 360
Van Nuys, CA 91406 U.S.A.


  • 9 meters for Middle School on 122cm face

  • 18 meters for High School on 122 cm face

  • Ranking Round: 36 arrows, 6 ends of 6 arrows

    • ABC line (3 archers per bale, running one line)

    • 4 minutes per end

  • Team Rounds: 3 archers (can be mixed gender), 2 arrows each, 2 minutes per end

  • Olympic Rounds: 12 arrows, single elimination matches

Tournament Schedule:

  • 8 am Check-in: School coaches are responsible for checking in their school

    • Range open for un-official practice (the 18 meter area)

  • 8:45 am Welcome

  • 9 am Ranking Round

    • 2 ends of official practice and then directly into scoring

    • 36 arrows, 6 ends of 6

    • Score cards turned in and verified. School coaches also turn in scores for team round (scores of just their 3 archers).

    • Announce school placements thus far

  • 11:00 pm Team Rounds

    • 2 ends of official practice

    • start matches

    • rankings for teams determined by Ranking Round

    • schools may submit one team each (3 archers make up a team, can be mixed gender this year)

    • Finals matches will all be held at the same time

  • 12:30 pm Awards and Lunch

    • Awards for Ranking Round and Team Round. Announcement of school placement so far

    • Lunch

    • Range open for practice (the 18 meter area)

    • All brackets and target assignments will be prepared during lunch and distributed to the coaches.

  • 2:00 pm OR’s

    • 2 ends of official practice

    • start matches

    • 2 ends of 6 arrows up to semi’s; then 4 ends of 3 arrows for finals

    • Rankings from ranking round

    • Final matches to be held at same time

  • 4:30 pm Closing

    • Final Awards and presentation of Cash prize to winning schools


  • Ranking Round: top 5 in each division (Middle/High School & Boys/Girls)

  • OAS Achievement pins will also be given for ranking round

  • Team Round: top 4 teams in each division (Middle/High School)

  • Olympic Round: top 4 finalists in each division (Middle/High School & Boys/Girls)

  • Overall School Finishes: Top 3 schools (schools earn points from each round; for example a first place finish in the ranking round will give their school 5 points)

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