2011 World Archery Festival in Las Vegas


Each year Las Vegas hosts a huge indoor archery competition. Archers from all over world gather to compete for cash prizes and the Vegas Indoor Title. From JOAD to the pros, archers of all ages and disciplines take part in the competition.

One of our favorite parts about the tournament was the sounds. The DOS gives the command for archers to proceed to the shooting line. As archers find their places on the line, the shuffling dies down and a calm fills the hall.  Nervous glances are cast at the timer counting down to zero.  Long, calming breaths are taken just as the single buzzer signals the archers to begin.  Putt……putt..putt..putt.putt.putptutputputputututpututput…  The sound of a single water droplet falling soon grows into a torrent of rainfall. Hundreds of arrows hit their targets with a crisp sound.  The storm passes, only to be replaced with a growing murmur of archers talking about how they shot.

When we weren’t shooting or watching other archers, we got to enjoy the Archery Trade Show. Archery booths lined the hall, displaying all of their new gear for the year. New risers, archery jerseys, arrows, and much more were on display.

We look forward to sharing more of our archery adventures with you!