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Creating A Safe Learning Environment

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Along with our Instructor Training Courses, we have also created an OAS Curriculum that coaches can use for their classes. The curriculum is full of lessons and activities that introduce students to Olympic-style archery as well as teaches them the basics of the National Training System in a methodical and effective way. By having lessons that build upon each other we also aim to create a safe learning environment for both large and small class sizes.


This curriculum for a beginning archery class includes:

  • NASPE Standards (National Association for Sport and Physical Education)

  • 16 lesson plans that teach students the fundamentals of Olympic-style archery including range safety, basics of the National Training System, and competition formats.  Lessons are designed to…

    • Have students practice safety and responsibility on the range.

    • Give teachers clear plans for running their classes and include learning objectives, equipment/setup needed, teaching strategies, and assessments for each lesson.

    • Help teachers manage large class sizes while still teaching effectively by using group activities, student leaders, and peer coaching

    • Walk students through the fundamentals of the National Training System

    • Provide a variety of ways to assess student performance through worksheets, scores, a quiz, and an exam.

  • Worksheets

  • Rubric

  • Video links

  • Games

  • Scorecards

  • Quiz

  • Exam