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Purchase Your Own Archery Equipment With OAS Discounts!

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OAS would like to thank Lancaster Archery Supply for their generous offer of discounted prices for students in our program. Purchasing your own equipment is a great way to get more involved in the sport. The equipment can be set just for you and would likely make it easier to practice more at local public ranges and outside of school practices. To get the most out of your new equipment, we encourage you to work with your coach. Joining a local JOAD club is also a great way to learn more and to practice with others.

If you would like to purchase discounted equipment, please do the following:

STEP 1) Complete the Lancaster Archery Supply Student Account Form
STEP 2) Send completed form to
STEP 3) This information will then be sent to Lancaster so that they can set-up an online account for you on their website. Instructions for registering your account will soon be sent to you via email.
STEP 4) Once your account is finalized you will be able to make purchases online.